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Formulate Origin Exhibits & Displays

Whether you are looking to engage and captivate your audience at a trade show, event, in a retail space or permanent environment, Origin® offers a coordinated family of tension fabric structures, solutions and graphics designed to impress. From straight and angular shapes to ergonomic, flowing ones, our Origin line offers a full spectrum of beautiful fabric-based exhibits, environments and structures, portable to custom.

With Origin, you can make your trade show exhibition stand and environment exactly what you want it to be. Origin® solutions combine shape, specialty fabrics, lightweight frames and lighting to create captivating and artistic presentations and spaces. Origin® fabric-based unique trade show displays are produced with expert aluminum bending machinery and handcrafted by skilled welding technicians.

Origin Benefits

Organic Shapes to Mix & Match

Lightweight aluminum frames are coupled with stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create shapes that foster emotion, action and movement within and around a space. Made in the USA, Origin® fabric structures are formed with expert aluminum bending machinery and skilled welding technicians.

Specialty Fabrics

Materials do matter. Each fabric we use has unique qualities and performs differently in various environments. We use a plethora of high-quality printable materials to create fabric structures and displays – namely polyester materials such as stretch, satins, sheers, backlit fabrics and more.

Grand Format Graphics & Finishing

Graphics are crucial to maximizing your messaging impact and your investment in a tradeshow or event. With the latest state-of-the-art printing technology and large format printing capabilities, we ensure your message pops and stands out from the competition. We print a remarkable 3,600 sq. ft. of fabric per hour and our process produces vibrant, six color output up to three meters wide. To ensure the highest quality and perfect fit, all fabric graphics are produced and finished by hand by highly-skilled sewers in the USA.

Our graphic prints are produced in the U.S. for a few reasons. First, they provide you with the highest quality results, without error. Second, they offer fast-turnaround times, which delivers your product to you sooner for your next trade show. And third, it allows us to helps support small businesses in the U.S.

Radiant Lighting

The perfect balance of form, fabric and lighting can create a powerful, impactful presence and display. Illumination is an important piece of the puzzle to achieve the mood, style and staging that you desire. With LED lighting kits and solutions, we can tailor the ideal lighting system to make your project glow!

Use lights in your trade show exhibition booth to set the ambiance and mood. If you’re using product demonstrations, or even virtual reality showcases, the right lighting system can persuade your prospects a step further towards using your company over the competition.

APG Exhibits Carries a Tremendous Selection of Origin Trade Show Displays

We offer a large assortment of beautiful Formulate Origin trade show exhibition stands that will stand out at any trade show or promotional event. These innovative designs include the Round Room, which doubles as an eye-catching trade show display and an enclosed meeting area where you can sit down with prospects and close the deal.

There’s also the majestic 10’ Arch that is sure to attract attention from anywhere inside the venue. You’ll also find an assortment of funnels, trees, curved walls, cylinders and towers — there is definitely an Origin trade show display for every need, taste and price range.

We Make Customer Service Our Top Priority

While some trade show exhibit providers will be happy to sell you a trade show display, few can match APG Exhibits when it comes to customer service. We have more than three decades of experience in helping companies of all types and sizes across a broad spectrum of industries improve their trade show performance and enhance their return on investment.

Whether you need help creating a custom graphic for your Origin trade show exhibition stand, choosing the right accessories or determining how to maximize the effectiveness of your exhibit, we can provide the reliable guidance you need.

Comprehensive Project Management Services Are Also Available

Preparing for a trade show can be a stressful, time-consuming process. With our complete project management services, APG Exhibits can make the job so much easier. We can coordinate your exhibit and marketing efforts to ensure you stay on budget and meet your show objectives. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most — promoting your brand, meeting prospects and generating sales for your company.

Save Money on Origin Trade Show Displays at APG Exhibits

You can shop elsewhere for your Origin displays — but you won’t find a better price! Our Low Price Guarantee is our assurance that you’ll always get the best price on trade show products at APG Exhibits.

If you find the same item offered at a lower price by one of our online competitors, we promise to beat that price. And with our huge selection of special deals and offers, you’re sure to save money on all your exhibits and related equipment.

check out Our Large Selection of Origin Trade Show Exhibition Booths

Take a minute to review our entire Origin trade show display inventory and feel free to contact us if you have questions or need more information.

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Origin 8 Cylinder [COMPLETE] Origin 8 Cylinder
Price: $1,851.95
Origin 10' Cylinder [COMPLETE] 10 x 10 Origin Cylinder
Price: $2,194.45 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate 10 FT Tower 02 [Graphics Only] 10 x 10 Formulate Tower 02 [GRAPHICS ONLY]
Price: $2,420.45 Hardware & Graphics
Origin 12' Cylinder Origin 12 ft Cylinder
Price: $2,501.95
Origin 8' Tower [COMPLETE] Origin 8 ft Tower
Price: $2,538.45
Formulate Shield 8 FT Tower [Complete] Formulate Shield 8 FT Tower
Price: $2,755.95 Hardware & Graphics
Origin 10' Tower [COMPLETE] 10 x 10 FT Origin
Price: $2,962.45
Origin 12 ft Tower Origin 12 ft Tower
Price: $3,529.45
Formulate Chip-Shaped Wall - Tension Fabric Display Formulate Chip-Shaped Wall - Tension Fabric Display
Price: $3,602.45 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate Shield 12 FT Tower [Complete] Formulate Shield 12 FT Tower
Price: $4,534.45 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate 10 FT Tower 03 [Complete] 10 x 10 Formulate Tower 03
Price: $4,589.95 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate 10 FT Tower 02 [Complete] 10 x 10 Formulate Tower 02
Price: $4,883.95 Hardware & Graphics
Origin 16' Funnel [Complete] Origin 16 ft Funnel
Price: $10,297.45 Hardware & Graphics
Origin 20' Funnel [Complete] Origin 20 ft Funnel
Price: $12,941.95