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Custom Outdoor Trade Show Displays

Outdoor display signs are flexible and versatile, allowing trade event exhibitors to showcase their services or products any time of the year. Gain a competitive edge with outdoor booth displays manufactured from durable material built to withstand wind, rain and UV light. With robust features for the colder months and sun-resistant, durable options for summer, you can turn every trade show event into a dynamic, interactive promotional experience.

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Zoom Water Ring Zoom Water Ring
Price: $8.45 Hardware Only
Zoom Ground Stake Zoom Ground Stake
Price: $30.95 Hardware Only
Zoom Auger Base Zoom Auger Base
Price: $34.95 Hardware Only
Zoom Drive-Over Base Zoom Drive-Over Base
Price: $39.95 Hardware Only
6ft Barricade Cover 6ft Barricade Cover
Price: $137.45 Graphics Only
Parkway Single-Span Outdoor Pole Banner [Complete] Parkway Single-Span Outdoor Pole Banner
Price: $144.45 Hardware & Graphics
Twirl Outdoor Sign Twirl Outdoor Sign
Price: $157.95
Wind Dancer Mini 8.3 ft Outdoor Flag Pole Wind Dancer Mini 8.3 ft Outdoor Flag Pole
Price: $158.75 Hardware & Graphics
Swing Outdoor Sign Swing Outdoor Sign
Price: $170.45
10 FT Teardrop Zoom Small Flag  [Complete] 10 x 10 Teardrop Zoom Small Flag [Complete]
Price: $216.45 Hardware & Graphics
Parkway Double-Span Outdoor pole Banner [Complete] Parkway Double-Span Outdoor pole Banner
Price: $219.95 Hardware & Graphics
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Are Outdoor Exhibition Booths Secure?

Outdoor trade show booths are secure and durable, with stakes and binding kits that assist in keeping your banners, tents, flags and other promotional materials safe. Display your offerings easily, whether in the wind or during moderate, sunny weather. By printing your logo on your display, you won't have to deal with securing extra signs on or around your booth, as well.

How Do You Design an Outdoor Trade Show Booth?

You can have a unique outdoor exhibition booth design with your brand colors, logo and truss dimensions for a personalized touch that sets you apart from other exhibitors. We at APG Exhibits are with you every step, from designing to installing your new display. Gain a competitive edge and outshine other booths with a personalized, memorable display solution.

Build a new outdoor exhibition booth from scratch that you can easily set up and manage. Utilize our accessories to complement your booth displays and add extra options for maximum visibility and booth interaction.

Technology Integration for Immersive Experiences

Set your trade show booth apart from the rest by integrating LED backlit systems, media displays, bright lighting and screens for powerful details that encourage a stronger user interaction. Trade show booths can get lost in the myriad of generic exhibitions. Ensure your display stands out and captures the attention and imagination of users. Dynamic, immersive interactions are memorable, promoting brand recognition and impression long after the trade show has ended.

What Are The Top Display Sign Materials?

Our outdoor display sign frames are manufactured with robust, weather-resistant aluminum and steel. To help you get longevity with brighter signage, we print on durable materials like canvas, polyester and vinyl. Rest assured that your outdoor exhibit displays are fit for outdoor use, with clear logos and brand displays that maximize visibility and visitor interaction.

What Are The Most Popular Outdoor Display Types?

There are no hard-and-fast rules regarding the most popular outdoor displays. Consider your promotional goals and budget needs. With that said, we think you'll also like some traditional favorites in outdoor exhibition booth designs. Take a look at some of the more in-demand options:

  • Modular systems: This system is perfect if you plan to exhibit at several trade shows with varying space availability. Get lasting durability with reconfigurable designs.
  • Trade show tents: Pop-up tents set you apart with visible, colorful signage that attracts attention while shielding eventgoers from the sun.
  • Banners: Let visitors see your brand presence and make it easier to find you. Add display arrows for easy, seamless promotional upgrades to your booth.
  • Flags: Flags can attract foot traffic from several feet away and are a simple, effective promotional complement to any outdoor exhibition booth to highlight your presence.
  • Curbside signs: For durable, simplistic outdoor trade show displays, you can easily secure an advertising board while getting clear, effective signage.
  • LED displays: LED displays are interactive and offer immersive, easily digestible promotional content while showcasing your brand. You can also easily promote your software-based solutions using LED and media display solutions.

Customize Your Trade Show Booth

You can have your logo and brand colors printed on all our outdoor trade show booth designs for personalized solutions. Work with a dedicated graphic designer who will oversee any artwork you request and will work with you to create tailored designs for your promotional banners and backgrounds. Stand out and make the most of every trade show with our expert graphic design services.

Contact APG Exhibits for Outdoor Displays for Events and Trade Shows!

Maximize your return on investment and boost brand interaction with dynamic, brilliant outdoor display signs that can elevate your promotional strategy. You work hard to ensure your products or services are unique and top quality. Your outdoor exhibition booth can mirror your exceptional offerings with customized, eye-catching booth displays.

We at APG Exhibits leverage our industry expertise to bring you the best in service and creative outdoor exhibition signs. Browse our selection and choose the best solutions for your marketing campaign. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us today. We're constantly adding new additions to our trade show displays.