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LED Backlit Trade Show Displays

How do you stand out when trying to promote your product among thousands of potential buyers? With APG Exhibits' LED trade show screen displays, your brand's message can stand out from the crowd with different customizable screen displays to fit your vision. Ensure your brand is eye-catching and visible with APG Exhibits!

Maximizing Visibility With LED Backlit Displays

An essential part of attracting clients to your brand is maximizing visibility. To most, this means getting your company's name out through traditional strategies, such as word-of-mouth. However, a simple tool that will gain the attention of your clients is a lighted trade show display. Some advantages of using a backlit trade show exhibit include:

  • Enhanced visibility in large venues, such as expo halls.
  • Improved attendee attention during advertising events.
  • Increased brand recognition and recall.

A light up trade show display highlights critical elements of your brand, attracting new clients and making a lasting impression.

Customizing Your Backlit Exhibit

LED backlit trade show displays are available to all vendors looking to enhance their brand's attractiveness. Our lighted trade show display options at APG Exhibits are customizable to complement your brand and allow for originality. Some customizable options for our backlit display trade show booths include countertop, size and artwork options. 

When deciding to customize your trade show screen displays, interactive options will keep clients engaging with your brand and create an opportunity to learn more about what sets your brand apart. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Logistical Consideration for Your Exhibit

A vital benefit to investing in APG Exhibits' trade show screen displays is how much your company can save. LED backlit trade show displays are a reusable and durable display option. Our exhibits are easy to update, limiting the amount of money you would spend on other display options.

APG Exhibits' LED backlit trade show displays are easy to assemble and disassemble with hassle-free transportation. With simple maintenance that includes wiping the display of dust and debris, trade show screen displays are cost-effective to maintain.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Backlit Display

It is essential to choose the right size that matches the vision you have for your display. At APG Exhibits, we offer various backlit trade show display options, including:

  • Backlit Hop Up
  • Backlit Embrace
  • Vector Light Boxes 
  • Hybrid Pro Backlit 
  • Backlit WaveLight
  • Partially Backlit Displays
  • Hanging Backlit
  • Backlit Counters

Experience the Convenience of Our Backlit Display Kits

You can purchase our backlit trade show displays as complete kits that include hardware, graphics, high-quality LED lighting fixtures and everything else you need to create a memorable trade show exhibit. The LED edge lighting provides perfect illumination, while also offering a more energy-efficient solution than traditional incandescent lighting.

You can also select from numerous optional features for your backlit display such as LCD TV mounts, stand-alone kiosks, literature racks and shelving to increase the versatility of your backlit trade show display.

In an expo hall where booths begin to blend together, you need something that reinforces the uniqueness of your brand. Exhibitors looking for a unique display need look no further. APG Exhibits is proud to offer one of the best-selling lines of tension fabric exhibits in the industry, the Backlit Display. The Backlit Displays make use of a collapsible, lightweight aluminum frame coupled with a dye-sublimated knit-polyester graphic to create a trade show display with the ideal combination of portability, affordability, and dynamic appearance.

With more than three decades of experience, APG Exhibits can deliver the expert guidance you need to make the most of your next trade show, conference or expo. We know event marketing inside and out, and we have a deep understanding of the demographics at trade shows. We can best reach your audience through promotional materials that will resonate with them.

We can be your specialist, a valued member of the team who helps you lose the worry and stress related to exhibiting, so you can focus on what matters most: meeting new customers and selling them on your products and services.

Light'em up With Backlit Trade Show Displays!

APG Exhibits Backlit Displays and Booths with their long lasting LED lights make a perfect display solution to even the most jam-packed of show room floors. You can step out from the crowd and achieve a look that conveys the unique and valuable nature of your products and services. Give your sales display that extra push with Backlit Displays.

Let us know what type of backlit display you're most interested in, and we can customize it to meet your needs. If you're unsure of what would work best for your brand, contact one of our customer service representatives and lean on our experience. We work with brands like yours, helping them create a more compelling presence at trade shows and expos, which may include backlit displays and many other modern event marketing materials.

Don't Do It Alone

At APG, we're much more than a provider of backlit displays. We offer comprehensive expo services that can see you through the concept and design of your backlit displays, as well as the shipping and storage of your booth. We have the knowledge and experience to help you avoid first-time mistakes. This is especially important if you're new to the trade show world, or if your event only occurs once or twice a year. We can help you identify the perfect event marketing materials, and then customize them to perfectly represent your brand, its products and its services. We can be your trusted advisor for all things related to exhibiting.

We’ll Help You Create the Perfect LED Backlit Display

Our industry-best graphic design services will ensure your backlit trade show booth delivers the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Just submit your artwork, and we’ll transform it into a bold, beautiful graphic that will make your exhibit stand out from the crowd.

We also offer custom graphic design services for backlit trade show displays at an affordable price. Our in-house designers will use your company’s logo or marketing message to create a compelling graphic that will be a big hit at all your trade shows and promotional events. You can find more information on our ordering process below.

You’ll Always Find the Best Price on LED Backlit Displays at APG Exhibits — Guaranteed!

You won’t have to spend a fortune to get the backlit display you need to take your trade show marketing results to a higher level. Our Low Price Guarantee is our promise to you that you’ll never pay more than you should for your exhibits.

If you find the same product at a lower price from one our competitors, we will beat that price. Just look for the Low Price Guarantee badge on the individual product page to verify the item’s eligibility.

Take a Closer Look at Our Backlit Display Selection

We currently offer more than 30 stunning LED backlit displays for sale, and we’re always seeking to add to our inventory. Check out our backlit trade show displays right now and feel free to contact us for more information. APG Exhibits: we make your job easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Backlit Trade Show Exhibits

Do you have more questions about our backlit trade show displays? You're not alone. Here are a few frequently asked questions, along with answers:

Do I Have to Use the Lighting That Comes With the Display Kit?

No. Our backlit displays offer customizable lighting options that fit your brand!

Are Backlit Trade Show Displays Easy to Install?

Yes. We design our displays to be user-friendly and easy to assemble.

Are There Other Uses for Backlit Graphic Displays?

Our backlit displays are versatile and can be successful in any venue of your choosing. 

Experience the Convenience of Our Backlit Display Kits

At APG Exhibits, we pride ourselves on easy-to-use trade show screen displays. With pre-configured kits and unmatched quality, you will get the best display for the best price! Don't do it alone — we are here to assist with questions or concerns that range from design to installation. Contact us today to learn how an LED screen trade show will help your brand stand out!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our catalog is growing constantly. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. There is a good chance that exact item will be the very next item added to our catalog.

Backlit Hop Up

Collapsible aluminum frame coupled with stunning dye-sublimated graphics backlit by vibrant LED lighting.

Backlit Embrace

Collapsible, lightweight anodized silver frames coupled with push-fit fabric graphics and LED lighting.

Vector Light Boxes

Durable aluminum extrusion frames with stunning push-fit graphics illuminated by LED edge lighting.

Hybrid Pro Backlit

Durable aluminum extrusion frames with stunning push-fit graphics illuminated by LED edge lighting.

Backlit WaveLight

Thin anodized aluminum frames with LED lighting offer ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit displays

Partially Backlit Displays

Durable aluminum frames with a blend of LED back lighting and traditional lighting

Backlit Counters

Backlit trade show display counters aid in providing an interaction area for any visitors to your exhibit area.

Hanging Backlit

Illuminated Hanging Structures and signs are ideal for attracting attention or for use as a focal point at an event.

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