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Custom Trade Show Displays

Elevate your branding with our custom trade show exhibits. From configuration to graphics, the specifications of these displays are fully personalized to represent your brand.

Ready to Begin?

Browse through our galleries below for examples of custom trade show exhibit designs. If you are interested in specific designs in the gallery, click on the design and note the design number on the the Custom Request Form.

Our Process:

With an experienced eye for the visual and atmospheric, our team of artists will imagine and design a custom trade show display that exudes your brand and ignites your ROI. We realize that your brand is much more than a product or a service. Your brand many times is your family and a reminder of your achievements, it's what wakes you up in the morning. At APG, we feel the same way. It's what drives us and gives us pride when our clients allow us to join in their journey to success. We specialize in full-service trade show exhibit design that takes care of the most taxing elements from start to finish, including:


When creating a custom exhibit booth, you enjoy support each and every step of the way, which ensures the ultimate product will meet your needs and desires. A Custom Account Executive is your first connection at APG Exhibits. This expert will share their depth of knowledge and experience, while seeking to understand and organize your creative and logistic objectives. They will provide you with a form to fill out to begin the process (Listed above). Our Custom Account Executive will be with you throughout the process answering any questions or concerns. When you choose APG for consultation, it's like adding a new member to your team, one who understands custom trade show displays and how to make the most for your investment in exhibiting.


Your Personal Designer and Custom Account Executive will discuss and address any art issues, branding and logistics with you. Design planning will take your goals into account with respect to concept, function, conditions at the site of the event, budget, etc. After the conclusion of the meeting you will be provided with a proposal and estimate for the services. These services aren't simply an add-on at APG. We have a discipline in trade show planning and design, and you will enjoy agency-quality results that convey your brand message in a compelling and attractive way — a way that helps draw in prospective customers.


With approval of initial design, working closely our designers and your Custom Account Executive, final decisions are made on structural components, graphic design and any multimedia. We make sure you're comfortable with the project's progress every step of the way. You can sit back and enjoy watching a concept come to life. You can provide feedback on your custom trade show booth design to help ensure the finished product meets your brand's needs. If your custom trade show booth does not perfectly match your expectations, we have not been successful in development. Through comprehensive-yet-efficient planning and constant communication throughout the process, we will see you deeply pleased with the result. We can only meet that objective through a conscientious development process.


Your fabrication begins and your Custom Account Executive will keep you aware of all facets of the project via email communication. Rest assured, the quality, durability and attractiveness of our products emerges from the care and attention to detail poured into this fabrication process. We give each of our clients the personalized attention they need to achieve their objectives in event marketing and other promotional materials.


Your order ship date was pre-calculated, so once your order ships our shipping department will provide you with updated information on the shipping status of your Exhibit. When you work with APG, you'll find our turnaround time beats most of the competition. This isn't the result of rushing through the design and fabrication process. It's a result of our experience and knowledge. Our tried-and-true process caters to your needs and incorporates your objectives every step of the way. We can produce and ship faster than our competition simply because we're the experienced and knowledgeable option when it comes to custom trade show materials.


When our clients allow us to join in their journey to success it drives us and gives us pride! We want to see your next trade show or other exhibiting opportunity become a huge success. We work alongside you through planning, design, fabrication, shipping and other tasks. We know what it means to enjoy ultimate success on the expo floor, converting prospects into customers and boosting your event return on investment.

What Is a Custom Trade Show Display?

A custom trade show exhibit is a tool specially made for a business to showcase its brand, products, services and other marketing efforts. The display is designed and constructed to fit the business's exact requirements.

Custom exhibit displays feature brand-specific designs that enable you to communicate your message, create a memorable impression, attract your target audience and cultivate long-term brand recognition.

What Are The Benefits of a Custom Trade Show Display?

Customizing your trade show booth creates plenty of design opportunities that can elevate your display and make it stand out. Since the exhibit is crafted to meet your specific needs, it can offer the following benefits:

Tailoring Your Brand's Presence

A custom trade show booth or banner allows you to communicate your brand's identity through a unique, personalized design. You can incorporate colors, logos and messaging that reflect your business. A trade show display that is consistent with your business is essential for building brand recognition and reinforcing your identity.

Competitive Edge

On top of increasing brand awareness, custom trade show booth displays can also provide a competitive edge. With control over all design aspects, you can maximize engagement by implementing various elements into the display. Consider adding eye-catching visuals to draw attention to your exhibit or choosing an innovative layout to create memorable experiences for visitors.

Designing to Stand Out: The APG Exhibits Advantage

When it comes to designing custom trade show displays that stand out, APG Exhibits can help. We have an in-depth understanding of trade show displays and decades of experience providing outstanding custom solutions to businesses of various sizes and industries.

How Do You Design Your Custom Trade Show Displays to Stand Out?

First impressions are crucial in large, crowded trade shows, so you need a striking display to make a significant impact. With customization, you can choose sizable displays for better visibility, create captivating graphics and designs or incorporate engaging elements to draw visitors.

When you trust marketing professionals from APG Exhibits to design your custom trade show exhibit, you can expect high-quality service, clear communication and cost-effective solutions. Our custom displays are strategically developed with unique features to leave a one-of-a-kind impression.

Our Custom Trade Show Booth Design Process

At APG Exhibits, we offer full-service trade show display design that encompasses the entire customization journey, from start to finish. Here is a step-by-step guide to our custom design process:

  • Consultation: A custom trade show booth begins with a consultation with our custom account executive, who will take the time to understand your brand, goals and vision for the display. They will also offer expertise to guide you and help you reach a solution that fits your objectives.
  • Planning: You will be assigned a personal designer who will work with the custom account executive to communicate several essential factors with you, including design ideas, branding, location and budget. We conclude the planning stage with a proposal and estimate for your custom trade show exhibit.
  • Development: We start the development process once you approve the initial design. During this stage, your personal designer and custom account executive work closely with you to finalize all design aspects. If required, we also make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are satisfied.
  • Fabrication: Our team then begins fabrication, implementing incredible attention to detail to deliver a high-quality custom trade show display with long-lasting functionality.
  • Shipping: We ship your custom display as soon as the fabrication is complete, and our shipping department will notify you of the shipping status. You can expect fast turnaround times on our custom exhibit booths.
  • Event success: Our team offers outstanding support throughout the process to ensure your trade show display succeeds.

Custom Trade Show Booth Displays for Every Industry

Our custom exhibit displays are used across all industries, with design capabilities that provide versatile solutions for diverse markets. From the manufacturing industry to the home decor sector, our exhibits can be personalized to suit any business.

"The product came in for our company Def-Logix, which we wanted to demonstrate our core competencies to clients and sure enough, this does just that. Print quality is really good too showcasing the graphic art we worked on too. Very good customer service and when changes or adjustments needed to be made they were really efficient and quick. Highly suggest." -Karina, F.

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Why Choose APG Exhibits for Your Custom Trade Show Exhibits?

APG Exhibits is your all-in-one production partner, offering comprehensive services from design to shipping. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, durable displays and attentive service for ultimate customer satisfaction.

When you work with us, you can also benefit from our post-fabrication support and on-site assistance. We always strive to help you maximize your return on investment with our custom trade show displays.

Ready to Begin Your Custom Exhibit Journey?

At APG Exhibits, we have a price match promise and value proposition to help you get low prices on custom exhibit booths. Join the trade show elite and contact us online to start the design process with our experts.