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Premium Origin Formulate Tension Fabric Towers

Whether you are looking to create a semi-private meeting area or define a space, these tension stretch fabric display towers are stylish and functional solutions that will capture attention. Ergonomically designed, Formulate Towers combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with gently curved 50mm heavy-duty aluminum frames. The excellence of the Origin line is simply unmatched!

Origin Trade Show Display Tower Benefits

Organic Shapes to Mix & Match

Lightweight aluminum frames are coupled with stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create shapes that foster emotion, action and movement within and around a space. Made in the USA, Origin® fabric structures are formed with expert aluminum bending machinery and skilled welding technicians.

Specialty Fabrics

Materials do matter. Each fabric we use has unique qualities and performs differently in various environments. We use a plethora of high-quality printable materials to create fabric structures and displays – namely polyester materials such as stretch, satins, sheers, backlit fabrics and more.

Grand Format Graphics & Finishing

Graphics are crucial to maximizing your messaging impact and your investment in a tradeshow or event. With the latest state-of-the-art printing technology and large format printing capabilities, we ensure your message pops and stands out from the competition. We print a remarkable 3,600 sq. ft. of fabric per hour and our process produces vibrant, six color output up to three meters wide. To ensure the highest quality and perfect fit, all fabric graphics are produced and finished by hand by highly-skilled sewers in the USA.

Radiant Lighting

The perfect balance of form, fabric and lighting can create a powerful, impactful presence and display. Illumination is an important piece of the puzzle to achieve the mood, style and staging that you desire. With LED lighting kits and solutions, we can tailor the ideal lighting system to make your project glow!

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Formulate 10 FT Tower 02 [Graphics Only] Formulate 10 FT Tower 02 [GRAPHICS ONLY]
Price: $2,420.45 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate 10 FT Tower 03 [Complete] Formulate 10 FT Tower 03
Price: $4,589.95 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate 10 FT Tower 02 [Complete] Formulate 10 FT Tower 02
Price: $4,883.95 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate Shield 12 FT Tower [Complete] Formulate Shield 12 FT Tower
Price: $4,534.45 Hardware & Graphics
Formulate Shield 8 FT Tower [Complete] Formulate Shield 8 FT Tower
Price: $2,755.95 Hardware & Graphics
Origin 10' Tower [COMPLETE] Origin 10 ft Tower
Price: $2,962.45
Origin 12 ft Tower Origin 12 ft Tower
Price: $3,529.45
Origin 8' Tower [COMPLETE] Origin 8 ft Tower
Price: $2,538.45