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Miscellaneous Trade Show Products, Parts & Accessories

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Here you can find some of APG's miscellaneous trade show display items. If you don't see the trade show display piece you are looking for, check in another category like literature racks or use the search bar to find a monitor mount. If you can't find what you need, call one of our customer service representatives to try and locate the item for you. 866-752-2192

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Our catalog is growing constantly. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. There is a good chance that exact item will be the very next item added to our catalog.

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Basic TV Mount Basic TV Mount
Price: $379.99
Vector Frame LN100 Connector Vector Frame LN100-NS Connector
Price: $10.95 Hardware Only
48" Fiber Poles 48" Fiber Poles
Price: $7.49 Hardware Only
Large TV Mount Large TV Mount
Price: $549.99
Wavelight Butterfly Clip 50/50mm Wavelight Butterfly Clip 50/50mm
Price: $29.99 Hardware Only
Wavelight Butterfly Clip Wavelight Butterfly Clip 50/32mm
Price: $29.99 Hardware Only
Embrace Monitor Mount Kit Embrace Monitor Mount Kit
Price: $239.99 Hardware Only
5mm Allen-T 5mm Allen-T
Price: $18.95 Hardware Only
CA600 Case-to-Counter • Countertop CA600 Countertop
Price: $60.49
HopUp Hub HopUp Hub
Price: $3.75 Hardware Only
Orbital 30" Straight Truss Length Orbital 30in Straight Truss Length
Price: $113.25 Hardware Only
HopUp Foot [Hardware Only] HopUp Foot [Hardware Only]
Price: $19.45 Hardware Only
Vector Frame Part CB9 Connector Vector Frame CB9 Connector
Price: $21.25 Hardware Only
InfoDesk Straight Shelf InfoDesk Straight Shelf
Price: $131.99 Hardware Only
InfoDesk Concave Curved Shelf InfoDesk Concave Curved Shelf
Price: $131.95 Hardware Only
InfoDesk Convex Curved Shelf InfoDesk Convex Curved Shelf
Price: $131.99 Hardware Only
Formulate Add-Ons - 4' Header Graphic [Complete] Formulate Add-Ons - 4 ft Header Graphic
Price: $126.95 Hardware & Graphics
Standroid Hover Header [Complete] Standroid Hover Header
Price: $483.99 Hardware & Graphics
Xclaim Hub Cap Xclaim Hub Cap
Price: $3.99 Hardware Only
Modulate Clamp 4 Way Modulate Clamp 4 Way
Price: $8.95 Hardware Only
Modulate Clamp 3 Way Modulate Clamp 3 Way
Price: $6.95 Hardware Only
Modulate Clamp 90 Modulate Clamp 90
Price: $6.45 Hardware Only
Modulate Clamp 180 Modulate Clamp 180
Price: $6.45 Hardware Only
Vector Frame Part IB2 Connector Vector Frame IB2 Connector
Price: $18.75 Hardware Only
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