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Case to Counter Hard Cases

Cases Help Protect Your Investment and Make For Easier Set-Up and Tear-Down

Purchasing a trade show display is not a one and done thing. If you are like most marketers, you plan to use your display for a number of events throughout the year. That's why it is essential to do everything you can to protect your investment, and that means using a high-quality trade show carrying case that will hold up well even after prolonged periods of heavy use. With our Case to Counter options you have the flexibility to have your case be the counter or podium for your show!

If you're planning on taking your trade show display to multiple trade show events, it is important to have the right shipping case for your display. On the APG Exhibits Cases and Bags page you can find a wide range of travel cases to fit many of our trade show displays. If you're uncertain whether your product will be able to fit in one of our shipping or carrying cases, contact a customer service representative at 866-752-2192 or start a live chat using the widget at the bottom-right of your screen. We will gladly help you find a show counter ravel case that will fit your display!

Making Transport Easy

Any marketer who's hit the trade show and expo circuit knows how challenging transport can be. It's either expensive, as you pay for shipping and set up. Or, it's cumbersome, as you lug around your booth and materials through airports, in taxis to expo halls and elsewhere.

At APG, we are committed to making your life as an event marketer easier. That's why we offer a huge selection of products and services. It's also why we also offer a variety of trade show display cases.

These pop up display cases anticipate your transport needs and make it as easy as possible to get your booth, podium, banner stands or other materials from point A to point B. Our trade show travel cases are designed to be light and durable. Marketing materials take a beating through travel and display, and our trade show display cases can protect your materials while withstanding the grueling journey from one show to another.

Dozens of Durable, Decorative Shipping Cases for Trade Shows

Here at APG Exhibits, we believe the best trade show display cases are the ones that combine durability with visual appeal. Some marketers also want a versatile carrying case that can be easily converted into a trade show booth, which eliminates the need to rent a table and significantly reduces setup and tear-down time and hassles.

No matter what type of exhibit shipping case meets your display and travel requirements, you're sure to find it right here. Examples of the many trade show display cases in our inventory include:

  • Large Molded Shipping Cases: Ideally suited for shipping larger display pieces from one destination to another as opposed to taking it with you as you travel. Specifically designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of harsh treatment during transit. Able to accommodate up to 18 layers of flat trade show booth panels when configured in a horizontal alignment.
  • Deluxe Molded Pop-Up Cases: Premium heavy-duty roto-molded case that quickly and easily pops up into a display counter with graphics. Includes a durable polymer counter surface covered by a full-color tension fabric graphic material. Also comes with a hinged lid with internal light storage, as well as built-in wheels and handle for easy transportation.
  • Expandable Formulate Display Hard Cases: Specifically designed and constructed for transporting Formulate display kits and hanging structures. Includes height adjustment capability so you can expand and contract the case to conform to the size of the display piece. Weights just 21 pounds and includes built-in wheels and a sturdy handle, making it an extremely useful and practical trade show travel case.
  • Case to Counter: Attractive, versatile case that quickly and easily converts to a counter or podium. Comes with a standard black fabric wrap that hides dirt and scratches. An optional full-color graphic wrap is also available that can be customized to contain your company's brand/logo. Also comes with a wheel and handles so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Lumina Light Case: These pop up display cases provide optimum protection for your display's lighting products during transit. Features a semi-rigid construction that gives you the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility. Includes padded eggshell foam inserts that offers superior cushioning for your lighting and protects it against dropping, banging and aggressive handling.

Lean on APG's Experience

At APG, we have the team, the experience and the knowledge needed to take over your trade show material strategy, design, production and storage. When you choose APG for trade show display cases and other expo and exhibiting needs, it's like adding another member to your team. We work with marketing managers, trade show coordinators, small-business owners and others who work in a variety of industries. We use our real-time knowledge of what's working in the trade show world to advise these professionals and help them create the best brand messaging possible for expos, events and other environments.

We also do our best to anticipate needs. That's why we're always adding new products to our selection, ones that represent the latest trends and developments in exhibiting. And that's why we offer accessories and add-ons such as trade show display cases.

We can be your one-stop shop for all things event marketing. You can always count on the best possible prices, quality and durable products, as well as exceptional services focused on your brand and its needs. Let us worry about your trade show materials. That frees you up to focus on what matters most: meeting as many prospects as possible, introducing them to your products and services, and securing new customers for your brand.

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