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Backlit Hanging Trade Show Banners

Illuminate and Rise Above the Competition with these Attractive Backlit Displays!

Hanging Structures are trade show displays made from extruded aluminum in a variety of shapes and sizes, then hung from the ceiling of the exhibit hall to compliment your overall design and attract attention from far away. The "pillowcase" graphics are dye-sublimated in vibrant full color onto knit polyester, providing an eye-popping addition to your exhibit space.

Drive Traffic With Backlit Trade Show Hanging Banners!

The typical trade show visitor is overwhelmed by the scene. Picture a huge convention center floor filled with branded booths, giveaways, food vendors, stages, and people. It’s hard to navigate without getting distracted, and it can be even harder for a visitor to find your booth — even if they are looking for it.

That’s why trade show hanging banners are so impactful. Hung from the ceiling of large convention centers, trade show hanging signs & banners serve as an easy guide. Now imagine how much easier to find your booth will be if that hanging sign was lit up! If someone entered the trade show looking for your booth, they won’t struggle to find your backlit hanging signs. If someone entered open-minded about the booths they would visit, yours will stand out above all others.

Picture your brand hanging proudly from high above, an optional motor turning your logo for all to see. When you make an investment in visiting trade shows, you want a return on that investment — and trade show hanging signs are a powerful way to make sure your organization is driving the trade show traffic it want.

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