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Trade Show Hanging Signs

Trade Show Hanging Structures are displays made from extruded aluminum in a variety of shapes and sizes, then hung from the ceiling of the expo hall to compliment your overall design and attract attention from far away. The "pillowcase" graphics are dye-sublimated in vibrant full color onto knit polyester, providing an eye-popping addition to your exhibit space. We offer custom hanging banner sizes, shapes and other features to meet your exact trade show hanging display needs.

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Trade Show Hanging Signs

APG Exhibits offers custom hanging banner sizes, shapes and other features to meet your exact trade show hanging display needs.

What Is a Trade Show Booth Hanging Sign?

A hanging sign for a trade show booth is a branded structure that hangs from the ceiling of the expo hall. These signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to compliment your overall trade show booth design and attract attention from far away. Hanging banners are a convenient addition to a trade show display since they enable you to maximize your dedicated space, including the vertical portion.

How to Drive Traffic With Trade Show Hanging Signs

Trade shows are filled with branded booths, giveaways, food vendors, stages and people. If you want to direct traffic to your booth, you need a way to draw attention to your brand and stand out from competitors. Hanging displays are an impactful way to maximize your booth's area and point visitors directly where you want them.

Hanging expo displays serve as a guide, helping visitors navigate to your booth easily. Attendees will be more likely to notice your elevated, clear brand message above all others with your attractive hanging banners. Visiting a trade show is an investment — you can get a better return on that investment when you use expo hanging displays to drive the traffic you want.

We Bring Your Design to Life

At APG Exhibits, we make it easy to get a customized hanging sign for your next trade show printed with your logo or other information accurately and brightly. To make things as easy as possible for our clients, we offer a full range of services, from customization to project management. You can share your brand and trade show objectives, then step back and watch as we use our experience to help you realize your vision.

Our Process

Our process follows a few simple steps:

  1. Place an order for your hanging banner
  2. Upload your graphic or request design services
  3. Approve the proof we deliver
  4. Track your order through production and shipping

We print all hanging displays in-house and ship them to you from our warehouse location closest to you to minimize delivery time.

Trade Show Booth Customization

We can provide custom hanging banner designs that fully adhere to your existing brand guidelines. With our comprehensive trade show display solutions, we can help you coordinate the colors, styles and designs of each component of your booth to create a sense of cohesiveness that showcases your brand and attracts more attention.

APG Exhibits sells and prints a great selection of trade show hanging banners in various shapes and sizes. As one of the most experienced and respected trade show hanging sign companies, we've been able to hand-pick a selection of great hanging display products from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Some sign shapes we offer include:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Elliptical
  • Unique shapes

We also have backlit signage and blimp towers to help you elevate your booth even more. With high-value add-ons like hard cases, double-sided printing and a 2 RPM motor, you can maximize your trade show booth investment and create a display that draws more visitors to your brand. Our team is happy to work with you to select the right hanging display and add-on features for your booth.

In a demanding industry full of competition, we've developed a reputation for high-quality products and service. We provide access to a variety of trade show display types, along with tabletop displays, retractable banner stands, and other booth additions that will enhance your presence and draw more traffic. Need accessories? We carry booth accessories such as TV mounts, literature racks, standalone kiosks and other components.

Technology Integration

At APG, we continually innovate to make sure our customers are getting the latest and best in trade show technology and trends. You can trust us to have the advanced technology solutions you need to enhance your booth and boost traffic. Some of our innovative hanging signage offerings include lighting, enabling you to heighten visibility for your brand.

Consulting and Project Management

A hanging banner is just one component of a larger trade show or event booth. Depending on your budget, your setup may also include tabletop displays, banner stands, flags and more. Getting these various components printed and delivered on time — and ensuring they work together to provide a cohesive and consistent experience for your visitors — can be a difficult task. That's why APG Exhibits offers complete project management solutions that take care of the details for you.

Let us know your vision for your booth, as well as your budget and your timeline, and we'll work to develop a complete solution for all of your signage needs. Take the hassle out of planning and free up key staff members to work on more important marketing goals with help from APG Exhibits. As a dedicated partner, we strive to deliver exceptional value in everything we do.

Ease in Assembly and Transportation

Our hanging sign solutions feature a lightweight aluminum frame that is quick to assemble and simple to transport. The graphics are printed on a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric through dye sublimation, ensuring your sign travels easily while maintaining its high-quality appearance. After assembling the frame, you can stretch the fabric over the frame and zip it up for seamless assembly.

Event venues are typically responsible for mounting hanging signs. It's important to research your trade show's venue to learn of any specific rules or restrictions for hanging signs. Some venues may have ceiling rigging limitations, dimensional requirements and electrical considerations for illuminated signs.

Cost-Efficiency in Trade Show Displays

To experience cost-efficient trade show participation, you need to make the most out of your display. Utilizing your vertical space with hanging banners is a great start. A few other cost-saving tips include:

APG Exhibits: Your Trade Show Experts

When you want the very best in trade show products, services and expertise, turn to APG Exhibits. We have more than 30 years of industry experience creating the engaging and effective trade show displays our clients need to bring in traffic, impress visitors and increase conversions. No matter your organization's size or trade show needs, we place all of our knowledge behind creating a trade show solution that will help you achieve the return on investment that you want.

APG Exhibits is committed to excellence in customer service. When you contact our team, you can trust us to listen to your needs and offer the customized solutions you need to make your next trade show a success. Browse our selection of hanging signs to get started!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our catalog of trade show signs is growing constantly. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. There is a good chance the exact hanging signage item will be the very next item added to our catalog.

FAQ on Hanging Displays and Signs

Learn more about hanging signs for trade show booths!

What Type of Material Is Used to Make Hanging Banner Signs?

Our trade show hanging structures are made from extruded aluminum , and the signs are made of durable knit polyester. The graphics are dye-sublimated in vibrant full color , resulting in a bright, eye-popping display that resists bleeding and fading.

What Are the Most Common Sizes for Hanging Banners?

Our most common hanging banner sizes include:

  • 15 feet by 4 feet
  • 10 feet by 3 feet
  • 8 feet by 2 feet
  • 10 feet by 4 feet

While these are some of our most popular sizes, we also carry many other banner sizes to suit different needs.

Are Hanging Cables Included With the Hanging Banner Signs?

No, hanging cables are not typically included with hanging banner signs. The signs need to be mounted to the ceiling by the event venue's rigging crews, who generally prefer to use their own cables to confirm the integrity and proper function of every hanging sign.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our catalog of trade show signs is growing constantly. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. There is a good chance the exact hanging signage item will be the very next item added to our catalog.