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Truss Displays and Exhibits

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to gain brand recognition and make visitors more aware of your offerings. You need innovative, dynamic truss show displays that are easy to set up and eye-catching. Creating vibrant, dazzling display signs that combine multimedia with attention-grabbing lighting can increase your outside display signs' performance while exceeding your marketing goals.

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Draco 20' x 20' Orbital Truss System [Complete] Draco 20 ft x 20 ft Orbital Truss System [Complete]
Price: $29,574.45 Hardware & Graphics
Orion 20' x 20' Orbital Truss System [Complete] Orion 20 ft x 20 ft Orbital Truss System [Complete]
Price: $26,333.95 Hardware & Graphics
Vesta 20X20 Orbital Express Truss Exhibit Kit [Complete] Vesta 20X20 Orbital Express Truss Exhibit Kit
Price: $15,384.45 Hardware & Graphics
Venus 10' x 20' Orbital Truss System [Complete] Venus 10 ft x 20 ft Orbital Truss System [Complete]
Price: $11,221.95 Hardware & Graphics
Vela-2 10'x10' Orbital Truss System [Complete] Vela-2 10 ftx10 ft Orbital Truss System [Complete]
Price: $10,347.95 Hardware & Graphics
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Have you ever considered setting up a trade show truss display at an event? APG Exhibits is proud to offer the entire line from the leader in trade show truss displays, Orbital Express. Orbital Truss Displays have become one of the main go-to's for exhibitors wanting to beef up their overall booth area. These dynamic truss displays come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, meaning that there is a perfect option out there for every budget level in the spectrum.

What Are Truss Displays?

A truss display uses steel trusses to create an exhibition booth you can customize with your logo and set up before trade shows. Truss displays utilize video, print and lighting to create a tailored promotional and marketing system, allowing visitors to experience and learn about your brand in a new and interactive way.

Do You Need Tools to Set up a Truss Display?

You don't need specialized tools to set up our truss systems. Our trade show display solutions work with a twist-and-connect system, allowing you to easily set up your truss with the tools we provide. Follow a few simple instructions and turn and connect to set in place. We supply all components and replacement parts for seamless setup and disassembly.

Reasons to Add a Trade Show Truss Display to Your Promotional Strategy

Truss trade show display systems offer customized solutions and boost brand recognition. Trade shows can be crowded with a sea of similar booths — encouraging foot traffic to your display will require innovative, eye-catching displays that are immersive and fun. Get a healthy return on investment with truss exhibit booths that match your budget and business needs. A truss system booth offers a versatile, weather-resistant solution.

What Are The Advantages of a Modular Truss Exhibit?

Modular truss displays bring a whole new dimension to exhibit booths. Individualize your marketing message and get flexibility and customization with our solutions. These exhibits also offer increased portability, allowing you to transport your truss show displays more easily and quickly. Save on costs and valuable time with durable truss exhibits.

Our outside display signs are UV and water-resistant, able to withstand winds and the natural elements for strong display signs made to last. Your truss system display booth will operate effectively in all seasons so you can maximize your brand exposure and gain a competitive edge.

Customizable Truss Show Displays for Distinctive Branding

Your offerings are unique to your business, and there's no reason why your truss exhibition booth shouldn't reflect that. Allow your business to stand out and grab the attention of potential clients with a trade show display true to your brand.

APG Exhibits' truss displays are customizable and versatile, allowing you to choose accessories that highlight your company's marketing message and offerings. Print your logo on components like stand-offs, arches and tension fabric displays and incorporate them into your booth layout.

What Are The Types of Truss Show Displays?

APG Exhibits has a wide range of truss display options to suit your business needs and promotional goals. With customizable components that you can integrate with your truss display and whole truss systems that you can set up from scratch, our solutions will match your budget and marketing objectives. Add to or build an entirely new truss display with the following:

  • Pop-up displays: This is a quick, easy solution you can use at your next trade show. Our pop-up displays are lightweight, fast to set up and portable.
  • Tension fabric displays: Showcase your brand and logo and easily swap graphics with our tension fabric displays. Our displays come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Backlit displays: Create eye-catching backgrounds with bright LED backlit displays.
  • Media displays: Boost interaction for a memorable experience. Place our multimedia displays behind laptops and PCs for immersive marketing.
  • Hanging displays: Make a bold statement by hanging displays from the exhibit hall ceiling.
  • Premium displays: These truss exhibit booths offer space and luxury with the feel of a small store.
  • Replacement graphics: Upgrade or reinvent your truss displays with our replacement graphics.
  • Accessories: APG Exhibits' accessories offer unique, attractive additions that will elevate your truss system.

Experience the Advantages of Modular Truss Exhibits

We offer modular truss systems that offer numerous benefits for exhibitors. These displays consist of separate modules for components such as shelving, tabletops, lighting and frames. This gives you multiple configuration options for creating a customized exhibit — you’ll be able to adapt your display and marketing message to every unique trade show venue. The individual components also provide the advantage of portability, which makes modular truss displays so much easier to handle and ship. And purchasing an all-in-one truss display kit that includes hardware, graphics and accessories is much more cost-effective than purchasing the components separately.

Unique Trade Show Exhibits for Unique Businesses

You want your business to stand out from the crowd? You already offer a superior product or service so don't hide that fact behind a generic display. APG Exhibits offers numerous options for customization, so you can get a booth that reflects who you are as a brand. Choose from a wide selection of add-ons and accessories, including arches, stand-offs and tension fabric displays, all printed with your logo and ready to integrate into your booth and as always; feel free to call, email, or live chat us with any questions!

Shop Dynamic Solutions for Truss Displays

Outside display signs and trade show booths create engaging promotional areas for your brand. Elevate your presence and highlight your best offerings with customizable truss display solutions. Browse our wide selection to see which solutions will fit your marketing goals best.

For your convenience and brand growth, we have a dynamic, growing catalog and are constantly adding new items to our truss systems. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us today.