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Hop Up Lights

Communicate Your Brand Clearly With Trade Show Hop Up Display Lighting from APG

Often times, exhibitors overlook the effect that trade show display lights can have on the overall appearance of their booth area. Many trade show floors receive only ambient light - from fixtures that can be up to 30 feet overhead - meaning your well-thought-out and otherwise flawlessly executed booth could potentially suffer from what is an easily preventable problem! Trade show lights are available for nearly every display type, and are a cost-effective way to illuminate your dynamic designs, making them ideal for enhancing and relaying your message to potential customers.

Many of our trade show display lights are interchangeable with multiple displays, and many offer the choice between standard halogen or green, low-cost LED lighting. For assistance in deciding which would work best for your particular setup, please connect with our friendly and knowledgable customer service team by either calling at 866-752-2192 or starting up a live chat using the handy widget at the bottom-right of your screen. We're eager to help!

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LED Flood Clamp LED Flood Clamp
List Price: $16.49 Hardware only
Price: $14.99 Hardware only
You Save: $1.50
Lumina 200 Halogen Floodlight Lumina 200 Halogen Floodlight
List Price: $65.99 Hardware Only
Price: $59.99 Hardware Only
You Save: $6.00
Lumina 200 LED Floodlight Lumina 200 LED Floodlight
Price: $119.99 Hardware Only
LED Flood (2 Pack) LED Flood (2 Pack)
List Price: $205.69 Hardware Only
Price: $149.99 Hardware Only
You Save: $55.70
LED Strip (2 Pack) LED Strip (2 Pack)
List Price: $222.19 Hardware Only
Price: $189.99 Hardware Only
You Save: $32.20