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Street and Light Pole Banners

Advertise Yourself Everywhere With Innovative Mobile Displays and Street Pole Banners

Ever notice that light pole banners always catch your eye? Light pole banners have become a core component in event marketing. You have a natural, built-in audience, and there's just something about the placement of street pole banners that grabs attention and compels prospects.

They just might be the perfect sign. They are never blocked by people's heads and are almost always perpendicular to foot or road traffic so you don't have to crane your neck to read them. When you want to capture attention and generate buzz in urban areas, consider light pole banners as a key addition to your marketing strategy. If you have the option of using a pole banner, it's highly recommended! All you need is the right custom pole banner provider — and that's APG.

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Parkway Single-Span Outdoor Pole Banner [Complete] Parkway Single-Span Outdoor Pole Banner
Price: $144.45 Hardware & Graphics
Wind Dancer Mini 8.3 ft Outdoor Flag Pole Wind Dancer Mini 8.3 ft Outdoor Flag Pole
Price: $152.95 Hardware & Graphics
Parkway Double-Span Outdoor pole Banner [Complete] Parkway Double-Span Outdoor pole Banner
Price: $219.95 Hardware & Graphics
Wind Dancer 13.6' Outdoor Flag Pole Wind Dancer 13.6 ft Outdoor Flag Pole
Price: $655.45 Hardware & Graphics
Wind Dancer 17.4' Outdoor Flag Pole Wind Dancer 17.4ft Outdoor Flag Pole
Price: $665.95 Hardware & Graphics
Aero Inflatable Arch Aero Inflatable Arch
Price: $1,749.99
Aero Inflatable Dome Aero Inflatable Dome
Price: $2,599.99

Shop the Widest Selection of Light Pole Banners

With the prominence of light pole banners growing, the many different ways of creating a light pole banner are growing, too. At APG, we offer a huge selection of street pole banners that gives you options as you seek out the perfect way to share your brand and its message.

With all the available options, we'd love to help you pick the ideal mobile display or light pole banner for your exact needs. You'll want a custom street pole banner solution rather than a generic product or design. Luckily help from one of our friendly project coordinators is just a phone call away, at 866-752-2192, or by using our handy live chat feature located at the bottom-right of your screen.

These team members are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Each can share from deep experience as they walk you through street pole banner options and provide expert guidance as you seek to create the perfect brand representation. At APG, we strive to make your life easier at every turn. We work with marketing managers, event coordinators and small-business owners across industries to create flag pole advertising banners and other signage that help them achieve their objectives.

Street pole banners are great for municipalities looking to advertise an event or location and they are now available in varying shapes and sizes. These light pole banners are mutually beneficial. Municipalities get a revenue generated and an effective method for getting the word out about events and activities. Event hosts gain access to a fast, inexpensive and effective marketing channel that is proven to capture attention and drive traffic.

Using specially designed hardware, our customers can now even install feather flags and bow flags onto poles of nearly any diameter! All of our light pole banners and mobile displays come with a hardware warranty against manufacturing defects; please see the individual product detail pages for exact warranty length, as they do vary. Our warranties are just a part of our commitment to making your life easier as an event marketer.

Your Lowest Price Online, Guaranteed

In today's economy, businesses are constantly being asked to do more with less. To get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to know you're shopping at a store that's committed to delivering the best value for your money. That's why APG Exhibits offers you a low price guarantee on flag pole banners and other selected products. If you can find a similar flag pole banner for less, let us know and we'll be happy to match our competitor's pricing. With APG Exhibits, you get all the benefits of dealing with a recognized industry leader including superior customer service and a lifetime warranty on selected items without worrying about your budget.

Return on investment is king in event marketing. If you can demonstrate you're making the most of your marketing budget, both you and the brand are better off. At APG, we focus on ROI, which is why we offer a huge selection of street pole banners, flag pole banners, and other products. Our low-price guarantee helps boost ROI, as does the inexpensive nature of choosing street pole banners as a marketing tool. Choose APG as your source of light pole banners for your next event and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Custom Design Services Available

When you purchase a custom light pole banner from APG Exhibits, you have the option of submitting your own design for printing or using our in-house services. With rates starting at just $75/hour far less than the cost of dealing with an independent firm we can translate your existing logo into a graphic that displays best on our flag pole banners and signs.

What you gain in low pricing you don't lose in quality. Our team of design professionals delivers agency-quality results. They also use knowledge of what's working in the industry to create designs that will make a difference in your light pole banner efforts. Because our design team is located in-house, we can deliver your street pole banner faster while ensuring the finished product is the highest possible quality.

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