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PPE Products for Schools

PPE products have become more important than ever. Shop for personal face masks, hand sanitizers, PPE products, and other necessary products for safe social distancing when re-opening schools. Wearing face masks and carrying portable hand sanitizer is one of the most effective ways for combatting the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Back-to-School PPE kits are great for schools looking to incorporate their school colors, mascot, or name onto personalized PPE for faculty and students.

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Social Distancing Products for Schools

As students return to school, it is critical that administrators prepare for the new guidelines required for social distancing among students and faculty. APG is here to help with a variety of products to safeguard students and faculty.

Custom and Stock Pattern Face Masks

Both students and teachers are likely be required to wear face masks as part of their PPE. Youth face masks are available as a custom branded or stock patterns. The youth masks are smaller in order to fit over the mouth and nose of children. Proper fit is a crucial aspect in the effectiveness of protective face masks.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Place hand sanitizer dispensers in high traffic areas and allow students coming and going to quickly sanitize their hands. 

APG Exhibits has automatic dispensers to reduce cross-contamination. In addition custom-brand a sanitizer stand with the schools brand and messaging.

Traffic Flow Decals

Use adhesive floor decals to direct foot traffic within schools, and to promote safe social distancing. Direct students to travel in one direction up and down hallways to limit contact. Place the adhesive vinyl decals 6 feet apart to give students an appropriate visual reminder of how far apart to distance themselves.

Sneeze Guards and Protective Barriers

Protect students and faculty with desktop sneeze guards and divider walls. A physical barrier can help slowing the spread germs, especially in high-traffic areas where cross-contamination is a concern. Acrylic sneeze guards are becoming the new normal and are an integral step in safely reopening.

Custom Branded PPE Products

Offering both branded and non-branded options for users. Essential businesses can offer a safe solution for their employees while offering a uniform, branded message from their company. PPE can offer more branding options for your business, or show off school spirit and pride!