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Outdoor Traffic Flow Flags

Make sure customers know you are open for business by using one of our social distancing flags. Our outdoor advertising banners and flags are made of durable knit polyester that's tough enough to withstand all weather conditions, braving the outdoors to get your brand message across. We offer both design templates and custom flying banner display graphics to meet your exacting branding requirements.

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8.3 ft Outdoor Curbside Flag 8.3 ft Outdoor Curbside Flag
Price: $152.95 Hardware & Graphics
Outdoor Traffic Flow Flag - Medium Zoom Flex Flag - Medium
Price: $200.45 Hardware & Graphics
17.4' Outdoor Curbside Flag 17.4 ft Outdoor Curbside Flag
Price: $665.95 Hardware & Graphics

Feather flags, also known as advertising swooper flags or bow flags, offer a fantastic way to attract attention to your business in the outdoors, whether at concerts or other events. They're simple, yet colorful and can display your logo or information in a dynamic way. Unlike static signs, flying business banner displays capture the breeze and begin to move, grabbing customer attention.

APG Bow Flags Are Green Powered Moving Signs

Think going green means forgoing pizzazz with your advertising? Think again! APG Exhibits bow flags are bright, colorful and vibrant, perfect for attracting attention in the outdoors without consuming any energy or requiring a complicated setup process. Use our swooper flags for outdoor advertising, or check out a lightweight backpack-mounted unit for a people-powered mobile billboard! We have an eye-catching flying banner for every occasion!

  • Feather & Bow Flags: Feather and bow flags are growing in popularity for indoor and outdoor brand signage. At APG, we connect you to custom feather flag banners that make an impression on prospective customers, delivering your brand message at a variety of events. You can customize these feather and bow flags to match a brand image and deliver the message you want to share with your target audience, no matter your product or service. When used outdoors, these attractive feather and bow flags capture the wind without tumbling, providing a dynamic place to share your brand message.
  • Business Flags: Outdoor advertising flags and banners are an important component of any business that depends on foot traffic for success. These outdoor business flags are available through APG at affordable prices, and each comes with our trademark quality and durability. When you choose APG for outdoor banner flags, you gain access to a trusted team of marketing professionals who understand your target demographic. We will create compelling business flags that will entice them to learn more about your brand.
  • Flags by Size: What size business flag are you looking for? When hosting events, most brands have a general idea of the space they'll be working within. At APG, we offer a full selection of outdoor feather banners in a variety of sizes. We have feather banners and flags for outdoors that will meet your needs. Browse through our general small, medium and large categories, where you'll find a spectrum of sizes to choose from. At APG, we want to connect you to event marketing products that perfectly meet your needs, which is why we carry this wide selection of products available at low prices.
  • Flag Accessories: At APG, we also try to anticipate your needs. When you own outdoor business flag banners, you'll also need the water bases, carrying bags, ground stakes and other flag accessories needed for successful display. We offer these accessories and more, ensuring you always have access to everything you need for outdoor banner flags and successful events. Our selection is curated by marketing professionals who understand event marketing and signage.