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MultiQuad Modular Trade Show Displays

APG Exhibits is proud to introduce one of the most innovative display systems ever created, the MultiQuad Display. MultiQuad Modular Trade Show Display Systems give you the edge and flexibility to make your tradeshow a huge success; you don't have to commit to a single exhibit size or look. This state-of-the-art system is based on swappable Quads that attach to a modular aluminum frame with magnets, letting you to easily change the size and arrangement of your exhibit without the use of tools. Interchangeable panels that can be changed in a matter of seconds feature Unlimited options – each panel (square) can be a graphic, fabric, wood grain, shelf or LCD monitor! With use of modular components you can create striking inline, peninsula or island displays in sizes from 10' x 10' to 100' x 100', MultiQuad displays adapt!

If you’re considering purchasing a modular trade show booth for your next event, APG Exhibits can help. We carry an extensive inventory of high-quality modular systems that can be customized in an unlimited number of ways. With an array of different styles available, we will give you the flexibly to achieve your tradeshow goals.

Unique Trade Show Booths for Unique Businesses

Modular display systems and kits are a smart, cost-effective option for companies that attend multiple shows where booth space requirements are different. Do you ever have to move from a 10x20 booth at one show, to a 10x10 booth at the next? If so, a modular exhibit will let you use the same graphics and display components in both configurations.

A one-time investment in a modular trade show display system is a great way to save on your trade show marketing budget. Because it avoids the need for separate hardware and graphics, a modular display will require less space to store when not in use. Travel between events will be easier, too. Made by exhibitors and for exhibitors, our MultiQuad Displays provide more flexibility than any other display type on the market. By crafting configurations that can be used for a multitude of display booth sizes and locations, we offer our clients the priceless advantage of adaptation. Do you have a big, main show every year that you purchase a larger booth space for while making use of smaller areas for smaller shows? Don't waste money purchasing separate displays! Our MultiQuad Kits can easily convert from a 20' to a 10' space, or even a larger area with additional individual panels. Connect with one of our dedicated project coordinators today via phone, email, or live chat to learn more!

Shipping Simplicity

Many of the modular display systems and kits in our collection include cases that perform double-duty as a beautiful counter/podium that can also be branded as a case-to-counter conversion, now that's a logical conclusion that really makes sense. The best part about the pre-fab kits and shipping cases is that the designers of the kits had full access to the entire inventory and could figure out the most efficient set of cases to fit each kit, something that would be impossible for the end-user to pull off. In addition, when pre-configured down to what goes in which case, we are able to provide you with a step-by-step directions of how to pack so you will always be able to get your kit to fit back into the cases. You can check page two of any of the kit instructions pdf to see an example of these directions. That alone could be enough of a reason to opt for one of these trade show display packages if you are on the fence; think of the time savings not having to solve the puzzle of how to get that 20' trade show booth back into a 3' box every time you are done at a trade show!

Branding Harmony

The sample images in each of the kits show how a common brand can be used on the different components in the kit, and will give you some peace of mind knowing that your branding will work in a similar way. Having a cohesive branding in the design of our trade show display kits is very important to us because it's important to you. If you are outfitting a trade show or exhibit space from scratch or just making a major overhaul, we want to help you get what you need and have the best showcase of your brand possible at the guaranteed best price.