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Lighting for Trade Shows & Events - APG Lighting Options

Whether you're aware of it or not, the lighting or lack of lighting has a profound effect on any indoor environment. Trade show lighting is no exception. Often times, exhibitors overlook the effect that trade show display lights can have on the overall appearance of their booth area. Many trade show floors receive only ambient light - from fixtures that can be up to 30 feet overhead, meaning your well-thought-out and otherwise flawlessly executed booth could potentially suffer from what is an easily preventable problem! Know your lighting needs! Matching the proper lighting with your display is important. Below is a an easy guide where you can shop all lighting options by display type:

Choose Between Halogen and LED Trade Show Lights

Many of our trade show display lights are interchangeable with multiple displays, and many offer the choice between standard halogen or green, low-cost LED trade show lighting. For assistance in deciding which would work best for your particular setup, please connect with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team by either calling at 866-752-2192 or starting up a live chat using the handy widget at the bottom-right of your screen. We're eager to help!

The LED Advantage

When you're fighting for attention on the trade show floor, you want every advantage possible. That's why display LED lights are such a valuable addition to your presentation. They offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Attractive brightness: You enjoy eye-catching illumination when you choose display LED lights. This lighting solution is significantly brighter than fluorescent and other bulbs, and display LED lights maintain their brightness over an extended lifespan rather than dimming over time.
  • Dependable performance: Display LED lights last longer than other options. You'll rarely experience a burnout during your trade show. At the end of a two-, three- or four-day trade show, as other organizations' booths are starting to wear down, yours will be brightly lit and still attracting a crowd.
  • Energy efficiency: Not only are display LED lights long-lasting, they are also energy efficient. They use less power, and they offer cool lighting — they don't heat up like traditional bulbs.
  • Low cost: As display LED lights become more advanced and more commonplace, the cost to purchase and install them decreases. Display LED lights now mean value to your organization, given an attractive price and the longer lifespan.
  • Simple installation: Display LED lights are easy to install and maintain, and they travel well, too. Taking up less space than other bulbs, LED lighting fits into travel and shipping cartons easily. Packing and unpacking are a breeze.

Let APG Exhibits Help You See the Light!

Other Products and Alternatives to LED

Popular alternatives to LED display lights include halogen bulbs, pop-up lighting systems and Waveline lights. Halogen bulbs deliver reliable performance in almost any situation. Other APG Exhibits products serve more specialized functions:

  • Waveline lights attach to your booth's backline display, providing focused lighting that helps it stand out from the crowd.
  • Hop-up lights come with a set of universal fittings and adapters you can use on any pop-up display. We offer both halogen and LED models.
  • OneFabric lights are specially designed for use with OneFabric pop-up display systems. Powered by ultra-bright LED lights, they attach easily to any OneFabric booth.

Whatever your specific lighting needs, APG Exhibits has the right product at a price that won't break the bank. You've invested considerable time and money already in developing an attractive booth that will represent your brand at your next trade show or industry conference. Choosing the right lighting is one part of ensuring your visitor's overall experience is the best it can be.

We Can Make Your Job Easier!

Helping you choose the right trade show lights is only one way can help you improve your trade show presentation and increase your ROI. We're a full-service promotional products solutions provider that has been helping companies achieve their marketing goals for more than three decades. Our services include complete project management and promotional solutions. Our knowledgeable staff possesses an intrinsic understanding of your unique needs, allowing us to recommend the best trade show lighting solution for your requirements and budget.

Trade show display lights help to create a perception of professionalism, especially when show attendees compare drably-lit booth areas to those that are well-illuminated. A brighter exhibiting space makes for a greater overall feeling of warmth and hospitality, plus it increases the chance of your message being received positively by those who view it. Most of APG's trade show display lighting solutions come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects, but please consult each individual product's detail page for additional warranty information.

We'll Help You Minimize Your Trade Show Lighting Costs

At APG Exhibits, we understand that cost is a primary consideration when choosing a lighting solution. Our low-price guarantee is your assurance that you'll always pay the lowest price possible for any lighting product in our inventory. In the unlikely event you find a lower price for any qualifying exhibit or display product elsewhere, we guarantee to match that price. Low pricing is just one more way we can help you maximize your trade show ROI.

Part of a Complete Trade Show Experience

Flexible products and affordable LED display lights are just two of the ways APG Exhibits does more for our customers. We know trade shows exhibits better than anyone else — take advantage of this expertise with our complete project management services. We will work with your marketing team to streamline the process and develop an overall solution containing booth, display and LED display lighting that positions you for success at your next event. Contact us today to learn more!

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