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Artwork Resources by APG Trade Show Displays

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2 Tips to Keep a Customer Perspective When Designing Your Trade Show Booth

When designing and planning your trade show booth, start by putting yourself in the customers’ shoes. 1. Know Your Audience - Make sure you know some of this basic demographic information to better tailor your trade show booth and trade show booth staff to gain the interest and trust of your target audience. You don’t want to incorporate tons of interactive... Read More . . .

Top 5 Things To Consider When Designing a Trade Show Display

Designing a trade show display or any large format signage can be a daunting task for those who are not designers by trade. You will face a handful of different challenges when working with the design, such as working with extremely large photos and making sure that all graphics are vector. I've listed here five things to consider when designing your trade show displays and graphics. One thing to note at the outset is that if the hiring of a graphic designer is not in your initial budget,… Read More . . .


5 Secrets to Making Feather Flags and Trade Show Banners

There is an art to creating feather flags and trade show banners. While these trade show displays can be rather small in comparison to the large trade show booths your company may be using, the display opportunities feather flags and trade show banners provide should not be considered without care. These trade show displays come in various shapes and sizes, which you can see on APG Trade Show Displays' website. APG has more than 10 different sections on the website to categorize all the types of… Read More . . .

Uploading Trade Show Displays Artwork


Trade Show Displays Creative Artwork - Upload your artwork for your tradeshow displays, retractable banner stands, pop up displays, etc. We will assist you to make sure your trade show graphics print correctly at the highest quality.

NOTE: Information about uploading artwork will be included in your order confirmation email you receive after placing your order. MAKE SURE to use the correct artwork templates for each product you order.

For questions about uploading artwork, using an FTP program or general issues, please contact customer service at 866-501-2748 or via our contact page.

Graphic Design Assistance
to help create a stunning booth with a clear message that attracts visitors to your trade show booths.

APG Exhibits provides our customers to best solutions for their trade show display designs at the best value and results. We understand your investment relies on the ability to attract visitors to your trade show booths and events. It all comes down to designing a clear message and eye-catching design to grab attendees attention to give them a feeling to want to learn and find out more.

We have been designing for Ad Agencies, Radio Stations, Event Planners, Corporate Companies, Fortune 100 Companies and more for over 35 years. During that time we've been able to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and help them design graphics for their trade show exhibits and event signage. APG Exhibits is a name you can trust your graphics to and we assure you'll be 100% satisfied with our results to help improve your marketing efforts and ROI.
APG Exhibits Tradeshow Displays Production Photos

Here are some production pictures of displays we have produced over the years.

Collage Templates and More

Graphic Templates

Graphic Templates for our products are available for you to download. They can be found below, or on the specific product page. If these templates do not match your product, or you are unable to find the information you need, please contact us. Templates are in layered PDF format. You can download the Adobe Reader from Adobe's website.

Graphic Templates - Creo Podium Graphics


Graphic Templates - GFW - OPC1 & OPC2

GFW-1 GFW-1 New Style Effective 8/2011 GFW-2 New Style Effective 8/2011

Graphic Templates - Mega Wave Walls

MG84 MG86 MG88 MG810 MG104 MG106 MG108 MG1010 MG124 MG126 MG128 MG1210

Graphic Templates - Mercury RY - Retractables

RY1 & RY2 RY3 & RY4 RY5 & RY6 RY7 & RY8

Graphic Templates - Presto Pop-Ups

PFK-13 (GF-13A) PFK-13 (GF-13B) PFK-22 (GF-22A) PFK-22 (GF-22B) PFK-23 (GF-23A) PFK-23 (GF-23B) PFK-32 (GF-32A) PFK-32 (GF-32B) PFK-33 (GF-33A) PFK-33 (GF-33B) PFK-43 (GF-43A) PFK-43 (GF-43B) PFK-44 (GF-44A) PFK-44B (GF-44B) PFK-53 (GF-53A) PFK-53 (GF-53B) PFK-33 (GF-33AC) PFK-33C (GF-33BC) PFK-43C (GF-43AC) PFK-43C (GF-43BC)

Graphic Templates - Straight Flat Walls

FW088 FW108 FW208

Graphic Templates - Table Covers

6 Foot Draped 6 Foot Fitted 8 Foot Draped 8 Foot Fitted

Graphic Templates - Ultra UB

UB324 & UB424 UB336 & UB436 UB524 & UB624 UB536 & UB636 UB548 & UB648

Graphic Templates - VGC-Visual Graphic Stands

VG62 VG63 VG64 VG82 VG83 VG84

Graphic Templates - Creo & Mobile Demo Tables Wraps


Graphic Templates - Perfex Hanging Frames


Graphic Templates - EasyOpen SnapFrames

ME1/EO1 ME2/EO2 ME3/EO3 ME3.5/EO3.5 ME4/EO4 ME5/EO5 ME6/EO6 ME7/EO7 ME8/EO8 ME9/EO9 ME10/EO10 ME11/EO11 ME12/EO12

Graphic Templates - Charisma

XSM23 XSM24 XSM34 XSM35 XSM36 XSM45 XSM46 XSM48 XSM56 XSM58 XSM66 XSM68 XSM610 XSM88 XSM810 XSM1010

Cool Trade Show Products That Will Make Your Booth Stand Out
  Trade shows present such a unique opportunity to showcase a wide variety of businesses and products that more and more companies are adding trade show appearances into their marketing budgets.  This is a great thing for everyone involved, but, it makes it all the more important for you to be sure your trade show booth stands out at each and every show you attend.

One of the best ways to make your booth shine is to have cool tradeshow products that draw in attendees (i.e. future clients) and help them have a memorable experience.  Here are some ideas that will help you create eye-catching exhibits everyone will want to check out.

Use a Dynamic Banner for Your Trade Show Display

When you’re creating your trade show booth design its important to incorporate some type of signage or banner.  Your trade show display is the first line of communication between your business and show attendees and a dynamic banner can really help get your message across. 

You’ll want to design a banner for your tradeshow display that not only includes your business’ brand or logo, but also imagery and text that make people want to come to your booth and find out more.  Be sure to keep your message focused, clear, and easy to understand, yet, at the same time, refrain from making your signage too busy. A maximum of three key points you want to convey to your audience is a solid recommendation.

Create an Engaging Display Table

Once you’ve got your banner taken care of, its time to address your trade show display table.  Your exhibit design should include trade show supplies that will allow you to engage with your customers; otherwise, they may end up just walking on by to the next booth. 

This won’t happen though if you include items on your display table like samples, interactive models, or other cool trade show products that make attendees curious.  When their curiosity is piqued people will not only come over and look at your display, they’ll ask questions and give you the opportunity to make that connection. 

In order to get the right items for your exhibit, be sure to find a reliable trade show display company that is willing to give you advice from their own, personal experience of what’s successful. And remember, any added values a company offers could make a big difference in your trade show’s final ROI.

Offer Trade Show Giveaways Attendees Will Use

Another way to utilize cool trade show products to give your booth an edge is to provide giveaways attendees will use at the show as well as after.  A giveaway that can be used at the show is important because it helps publicize your booth to a wider audience than your exhibit alone can reach.  When attendees that haven’t been to your display see those who have with your giveaways, these new potential clients will come over and chat with you too.

Trade show giveaways that will be used after the show are beneficial because they’ll help attendee’s remember your specific interaction even after they’ve returned home.  This helps you maintain that connection you’ve made with your prospective clients long after your trade show display is put away. 

What’s the right giveaway for your business?  Companies that offer impression rate statistics for promotional products will help you choose the right item that will suit your message and your budget.

Trade shows can be an incredibly effective way to grow your business, but, in the end, they’re only what you make of them.  Be sure to spend your marketing budget wisely and make the most of the opportunity by using cool tradeshow products to help your company stand apart from all the rest.  The new clients you bring in as a result will prove it’s been money well spent.

Speak with a trade show expert today and start increasing your trade show ROI! 866-752-2192

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Should you need to return a product due to order cancellation or for any other reason not covered by our warranty, we reserve the right to carry out a 100% inspection of the product before accepting the return. All returns of this nature are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Unwanted returns will not be accepted 30 days after the shipping date of the original product. APG Exhibits will not accept the return of a used product, a custom made product, or inkjet graphics.

Shipping Issue and Damage
APG Exhibits is not held responsible for errors made by it's shipping carriers, including but not limited to: FedEx, UPS, Freight companies, etc...The arrival of a product damaged in shipping is a ‘non-warranty issue’ and claims must be reported to our customer service department within three business days of receipt as carriers will not settle damage claims after this period. Customers that delay damage reporting will forfeit their right to replacement. When submitting a shipping damage claim, digital photos may be required to document damage to the shipping container or product. Carriers reserve the right to inspect damages prior to settling a claim. Upon authorization to return the damaged product, all returns must be made to APG Exhibits within 2 weeks of delivery.

Order Cancellation
Cancellation of custom manufactured or imprinted products may accrue costs associated with the order up to the time of cancellation. The customer is responsible for these costs which can include, but are not limited to, proofing artwork, labor, materials and custom imprinting.

Trade Show Display Resources
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Trade Show Display Set-up Instructional Videos
Tradeshow Display Design Request Checklist

APG Tradeshow Displays

Design Assistance Checklist

Thanks for trusting us to design your new display! Our dedicated art and design professionals are eager to craft a look for your brand or company that will attract attention and get you noticed! As you may know, art/design fees are charged by the hour. So to help save you money, we’ve created a Design Assistance Checklist to help everyone stay organized and on-schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Proper-Resolution Photographs?

When designing large-format prints, any desired photographs must fit particular resolution requirements. We need any and all photos to be 100-120dpi at the actual intended print size. That means that if you want your photo to be printed at two-feet wide and one-foot tall, it must be 100-120dpi at that physical size.

If you need to find photographs for your design, APG recommends online stock photo companies such as and

Vector-Based Logos and Graphics?

We want your logos and graphics to look as sharp and crisp as possible, and the best way to do that is to submit them to us in a vector-based format. Vector-based graphics utilize a series “points” that allow us to scale the logo/graphic as small or as large as we want without the resolution being affected. A vector-based image will look just as sharp printed at one-inch or a hundred-feet!

If your logo is not in vector format, APG can redraw it for you, which makes our designing job easier. Plus, you get to keep the converted logo for future use. The cost for this is nominal and typically runs from $30-$50. Want to learn more about vector graphics? Read this article for more info!

Corporate Fonts and Colors?

Does your brand make use of specific fonts and/or colors? Please make sure to let us know what these are so that we keep your “look” as consistent as possible. Need help with color choice? Check out this handy online Pantone chart for a wide variety of options.

Zip and Send!

Once you’re set on all of the above, please use a program such as StuffIt Expander for Mac or Windows to compress all of your information into one file. Then upload to our file transfer site HERE. Upon receipt one of our designers will contact you for an initial consultation and you’ll be on your way!

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