APG Exhibits Artwork Guidelines

APG Exhibits Artwork Guidelines

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality prints in the display industry. Before submitting your artwork to us for production, please verify your files adhere to the following guidelines.

If you are designing artwork:

We have product templates available for you to download on our website. These templates must be used to ensure proper sizing of your print files.
Make sure your graphic files are “PRINT READY” before you upload them to our ftp.

1. Correct Sizes?
Double check your graphic dimensions to make sure it matches to the product you are purchasing. Follow template guides for all bleed, view areas and safe areas.
2. Correct Resolution? 100-125 DPI at 100% scale based on the product template. To see what your artwork will look like when printed, view your artwork at 100% in your Adobe application used to create your file.
3. CMYK Layout? We print in CMYK format. Colors in RGB mode may differ when converted. Ask about PMS color matching options. Files will need PMS colors called out on your order.
4. Proof Reading? Proof read your files before you submit your graphic file. We can not be responsible for items approved that may be found in error at a later date or time.

We accept files in the following formats: Adobe Photoshop (.tif, .jpg, .psd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf).

PMS colors: If Pantone colors need to be matched, please specify on your order and “use” or “call out” PMS colors in your artwork. Please note all PMS colors will be converted to Solid Coated as the printing industry standard.
There is no additional charge for PMS color matching.

Fonts: All fonts must be converted to outlines.

Linked Images: All linked images in Illustrator must be embedded before saving as .pdf format.
Please note: Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies or drop shadows are not recommended. These effects can have unpredictable results when printing, please use Photoshop for these effects.

Example file set up instructions:
We have product templates available for you to download on our website. These templates must be used to ensure proper sizing of your print files.
• Open template in Illustrator and follow template instructions.
• Create your design layout on the “Design Layer” (If one is not on the template, create one).
• Once your layout is complete, make sure ALL fonts are outlined, all linked images need to be embedded, all bleed requirements fulfilled, do not merge layers.

Save one layered file as “High Quality” pdf file in this format:
• one layer for the template • one layer with design layout.
• Upload your “Print Ready” file to our ftp upload link.

Graphics Submission Policy:

Please be advised that you have the first 2 rounds of art submission on us. After that we will charge $35 art admin fee for each additional art file submission.
Graphic Design Services are available based on an hourly fee.
We will provide you pdf proofs for your review after receiving your art submission.
We will not move forward with production without your final proof approval.
Design time will be charged if files need to be fixed or altered to meet guidelines.
Rush services are available at an additional cost.
We will provide tracking information once products have been shipped out.

Click Here for a downloadable pdf of our Artwork Guidelines