Gain An Exhibiting Edge Through Trade Show Giveaways

How To Gain An Exhibiting Edge Through the Use Of Trade Show Giveaways

Trade Show Giveaways

When preparing for a trade show, exhibitors often overlook the effectiveness of using trade show giveaways to drive traffic towards their booth. It's a widely known fact that promotional products are a fantastic way to increase positive brand interaction and, in the trade show world, positive brand interaction means more bodies in your booth, which in turn means more potential customers. We here at APG Exhibits offer the entire spectrum of trade show giveaways for use at your next event, but how do you know which to choose? A few tips for making your selection:

Make It Useful

Many exhibitors fail to consider the #1 criteria for giveaway selection: will the end-user actually use it? A promotional product is only considered a success if the person receiving it uses that product multiple times after receiving. Use of the product equals a positive brand impression, so if you are handing your attendees a simple, boring pen or something "kitsch-y" that will simply collect dust in a drawer, then you are wasting your marketing dollars. Look at your trade show giveaway options from an objective standpoint: would you use it frequently? If the answer is "no," chances are your potential customers wouldn't either.

Make It Compact

Another aspect not often taken into account is that, depending on the size and scope of the trade show, many of the attendees may have traveled long distances to attend. With the increasingly tighter (and more expensive) luggage restrictions, the people receiving your meticulously chosen trade show giveaways might not always have the available room to take said giveaways back home with them. Make sure that you consider the compactness of your selected product(s) before having them produced.

Make It An Introduction

The main purpose of trade show giveaways is to drive traffic into your booth area, thereby providing an opportunity for you to engage potential customers in the hopes of selling them on your product and service. Your marketing dollars will have been spent in vain if you simply hand out your giveaways without sparking up some sort of conversation about who you are and what you do. Practice and perfect an "elevator pitch" that can be used to quickly pique interest from those receiving your giveaways and you'll already be most of the way towards securing new potential business!

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