How to Save on Trade Show Marketing

3 Tips to Save on Trade Show Marketing

Saving time and money is always important for event marketers. There are so many things to plan for, including anything that could go wrong. Here are three simple tips to help event marketers save both time and money while planning for trade show marketing events.

Sign Up for Company Newsletters

Many trade show companies, like APG, send out regular newsletters with company news, sales, and trade show marketing tips. While signing up for several of these newsletters can seem like a lot to look through, any event marketer can save these newsletters for when they're needed. These are great to take a look at when you are preparing for an upcoming trade show event. Check out recent sales to update a trade show display or review some trade show marketing tips.

Check Press Releases

Trade show companies frequently publish press releases about new sales, marketing efforts, company news, and more. Just search through the releases on PRWeb and you'll likely find dozens of new press releases from trade show companies.

Read Trade Show Marketing Blogs and Articles

Websites like TSNN publish articles about trade show news, from acquisitions to controversial seminar speakers. They also feature plenty of trade show marketing tips from guest bloggers and experienced event marketers.