Event Marketing Tips: a Sneak-Peak into APG's Trade Show Secrets E-book

Event Marketing Tips: a Sneak-Peak into APG's Trade Show Secrets E-book

With the release of our newest e-book, Trade Show Display and Exhibit Secrets for Event Marketers, we want to make sure new exhibitors know everything they can about event marketing. For those exhibitors that still aren't sure if they want to download the e-book, I am taking a few pieces out of the book and into our Exhibit Tips and Advice column to help give a better idea of what to expect from the e-book.

Pre-Show Promotions

One of the most important parts about event marketing at a trade show occurs before the trade show even begins. Pre-show promotions let your loyal customers know that your company will be attending an upcoming trade show to show off new products and services. You want to let people know that they will be getting the inside scoop on your newest items. Promote your brand digitally using email newsletters, social media. Make sure you add new value to each social media profile post or followers will get bored. Promote your upcoming event through traditional means too. Post in your local publications, use a flag or banner, and pass out brochures about the upcoming trade show. Download the e-book for more information on pre-show promotions.

8 of 16 Event Marketing Tips and Mistakes

  1. Order your displays in advance
  2. Get Excited
  3. Bring Samples
  4. Staff the Booth
  1. Attempting Large Scale Artwork Design Without Experience
  2. Overcrowding
  3. Skipping the Pre-Show Promotions
  4. Rushing the Setup or Take-down Process

Effective Event Marketing with Giveaways

  • 3 Useful giveaways customers want to keep around.
  • Making it Last
  • Can you select a trade show giveaway based on cost alone?
  • What do you want this branded giveaway to communicate?

Innovative Event Marketing That Put the "Show" Back in Trade Show.

Read several great examples of how companies got creative to promote their brands at trade show events and really put "show" back in trade show. One company even turned their trade show display into a rodeo! These are just little tidbits from APG's newest event marketing e-book. Download the full version here for more advice.