Turning a Trade Show Booth Into a Kit with a Few Trade Show Accessories

Most any APG trade show booth can be turned into a kit with a few trade show accessories. Many trade show back walls have kits options that include a hard shipping case that doubles as a counter, lighting and more. Any exhibitor that finds a trade show display that doesn't have a kit option, can add a few trade show accessories to a trade show booth and make it just like the other kits.

Trade Show Accessories Exhibitors Need to Turn a Trade Show Booth into a Kit


Lighting at trade show events can be unpredictable. Sometimes there is plenty of light to show off a trade show back wall, but other times the lighting may be so dim the colors just don't appear as they should. Lighting is one of the most important trade show accessories to have with a trade show booth. This ensures that no matter what environment you're exhibiting in your trade show booth will look just as you intended. Be sure to contact a customer service representative to make sure the lighting kit you want works with your trade show booth.

Case to Counters

While the hard shipping cases are not required trade show accessories, they definitely make trade show kits much easier to deal with. Trade show booths, including hardware and graphics, and lighting can all fit into one simple case. When exhibitors reach a trade show with the case, and have the trade show booth setup they don't have to worry about hiding the case since it doubles as a counter. Exhibitors can use the counter to place literature on display or use it to speak with trade show attendees. The APG website has cases to fit most any trade show booth.

Case Graphics

When using the hard shipping case as a counter, investing in a full-color graphics cover might be a good idea. This is great way to display a logo or brand in one more place to increase the exhibits number of impressions and attract more traffic to the trade show booth.

Additional Shelving/Display Space

Several of APG's trade show displays also have additional shelving options for holding brochures and pamphlets. These are great for ensuring the trade show booth remains clean and neat. If there are no additional shelving attachments available for a particular trade show booth, a literature rack can be added from the APG website.