Looking Ahead: Upcoming Trends for Trade Show Booths

Need Some Ideas For Trade Show Booths? You've Come To The Right Place!

As summer continues on, savvy marketers begin turning their attention to the fast-approaching trade show season. Each passing year brings new technologies and new ways to promote a brand or product in the marketplace. Today we're going to present a few ideas for trade show booths that you may not have thought about before.

1. Introduce Multimedia

The most attractive trade show booths are more and more starting to incorporate multimedia into the overall scope of the display. Multimedia-based displays (such as the iPad Hybrid Frame Display shown here) have many advantages to them, such as the ability to engage and educate potential customers without your direct attention, so that if you are busy speaking with another person, the newcomer can still interact with your brand and learn more about what you do. Additionally, they add a marked level of "sleekness" to the overall booth impression, which is very often the primary driver of traffic.

2. Re-Purpose "Standard" Displays

While there are new options for trade show booths coming consistently entering the market, often times those options come with a premium price tag. So why not use more standard types of trade show displays to spruce up your old layout? One very popular way of doing this is to utilize feather flags (or "bow flags") in non-standard contexts, for example at the top of pop up tents as seen here, or attached to the side of a pop up back wall display. You can also print new graphics for any retractable banner stands you may have laying around to create an inexpensive back wall by lining them up side-by-side, similar to what is seen here.

3. Use Furniture

Trade show furniture has quickly become a "go-to" for exhibitors everywhere, regardless of business type or available budget. Similar to the Multimedia Displays mentioned before, event furniture has a number of ancillary benefits besides just display a logo or brand. They also serve to make your entire area appear more comfortable/inviting, plus they can also occupy a potential customer if you are currently otherwise engaged. There are quite a few different furniture options for trade show booths, and they should be seriously considered for your next purchase. Hopefully we've given you some new ideas for trade show booths that can be implemented with ease and little cost as you prepare for the coming trade show season. Good luck!