Designing Your Trade Show Display Graphics

Trade Show Display Graphics Check List

To help you save money and time, APG Exhibits has created a trade show display graphics checklist. Follow this checklist when preparing your design graphics and your artwork design process should move smoothly.

High Resolution Photographs

High Resolution PhotographsFor large-format prints, it's important to make sure you have high resolution photographs to avoid any pixelation when the images are enlarged for your trade show display. You should use 100-120 dpi (ppi) display graphics at the actual intended print size. So if you're creating display graphics for a 10' x 20' display, make sure you have 100-120 dpi when the image is stretched to 10' x20'.If you don't have photographs at this resolution, you can find stock photos for purchase online. Check out websites like and

Vector-Based Logos and Display Graphics

The best way to ensure your display graphics will look sharp and crisp is to submit them in a vector-based format. Vector graphics use a series of points allowing designers to adjust the size of the graphic to any size without affecting the resolution. Whether you need your design at a few inches to 100 feet, the graphic will look sharp If you have a logo that isn't in vector format, we can redraw it for you. You'll even get to keep the redrawn logo to help you design graphics in the future. The cost for a lgo redraw typically spans between $30-$50. For more information about vector graphics, check out this article for more info!

Corporate Fonts and Colors

Make sure we know any and all specific colors and fonts your company uses to make sure we keep your design as consistent as possible. If you need any help choosing colors, take a look at this online Pantone chart for a variety of options.

Zip and Send

After you've checked everything above, you're ready to send! Make sue you zip your files first using a program like StuffIt Expander for Windows or Mac. Then upload to our artwork site and one of our designers or account executives will contact you about setting up a consultation.