What's in a Great Show Display?

What Goes Into a Great Show Display?

There are several things that go into a trade show display, however, what are the things that make a trade show display great? Remember all the times you've visited a trade show and think about those that you found really impressive and those that seemed lackluster. For me, I've been impressed by show displays that were big and vibrant as well as those that featured smaller, more conservative displays. However, in every instance, the displays were well assembled and designed with an amazing group of staff.Large Show Display

The Large Show Display

Large trade show displays are easy to spot at any trade show. It's a clear sign that your company is making money and can afford to spend big bucks on a show display, like the truss systems on APGTrade ShowDisplays.com. However, a great show display is more than a big truss system. Trade show attendees are looking for than a big, pretty show display. They are looking for knowledgeable staff they can trust. Some times companies will end up spending too much time designing these large show displays and not enough time training/hiring great people to staff the trade show booth. This is where I've been most impressed with some of the more conservative trade show booths.

HopUp Show DisplaySmall, but Impressive

Some smaller, more cost efficient show displays, like the HopUp Displays on the APG website, may not be as flashy as the truss displays, but they can be just as impressive with the right touches. What's most impressive about these smaller show displays, is their ability to utilize every part of their display to better communicate to the attendees using trade show accessories and an amazing booth staff. APGTrade ShowDisplays.com has a variety of accessories that can add the right amount of flair to any show display. One of the more effective accessories are the iPad displays. These can be used to show attendees products/services, obtain attendee information, incorporate a giveaway, and more!