Trade Show Banners Research: What Sizes

Trade Show Banners Research: Get Informed Before You Buy.

There are quite a number of trade show banners available when looking for graphic displays for your trade show booth or exhibit. I wanted to bring some research all into one place that you can get a 'big picture' overview of what options you have before you buy any trade show banners and discover you didn't get the best for your needs.

Overview: what are the basic types of trade show banners

This list of trade show banners is roughly according to size

  • Small table-top retractable banners, here is an example (close to letter-size paper)
  • Medium sized, table-top retractable banners, shown here (tabloid paper sized)
  • Large table-top spring-back banners, (nearly 3 sq. feet in size) shown here
  • Budget, starter sized spring-back floor standing banners, about 11 sq. feet shown here
  • Starter sized floor-standing retractable trade show banners, over 17 sq. feet shown here
  • Medium sized floor-standing retractable banners, an almost 26 sq. ft. example here
  • Large sized floor-standing retractable trade show banners shown here, over 32 sq. feet in size.
  • Step and repeat trade show banners, look here. These are adjustable in size from 13 to 64 sq. feet.
  • Custom vinyl banners, up to 12 feet wide. you can look at them here.

Now a mini overview of each of these trade show banners:

Small, table-top retractable banners: You might use these at your counter to draw attention to a 'giveaway' or indicate where people need to direct their attention, for example the entrance to an interactive exhibit. Not too large to have more than one on a single exhibitor table, just the right size for drawing attention when already close.

Medium table-top retractable banners: Double the size of the small model, this one is big enough to draw attention from a fair distance, once your main booth graphics have gotten somebody's attention to your brand, you will likely have a particular product or service that you are presenting and need to draw attention to that particular item. This size trade show banners work pretty well to make a bolder statement at the front of your trade show exhibit while not being too large to stand behind.

Large table-top spring-back banners: These banners are quite large for a table. They will be better suited for the back drop of a table or on a table that is not manned (so you are not obscured) These trade show banners are going to block the view of people standing behind them, they could even conceivably be used on the floor for people direction (enter this way etc).

Budget, starter sized spring-back floor standing banners: The entry-level basic trade show banners. If you are in a trade show or trade fair, this type of display is pretty much the prerequisite. They are not fancy but they are beautifully simple and functional. If you just need some basic trade show banner stands, these are what you need. For size reference, these start at about 11 sq. feet.

Starter sized floor-standing retractable trade show banners: Similar to the basic ones but these models roll-up like a window shade in reverse and are more convenient to use in every way (assembly, disassembly, transport), and will likely last longer because of the built-in protection of the graphic element; (don't have to worry about damage due to how it's rolled up). These retractable banner stands start at about 17 sq. feet in size but get much bigger. These are typically used on the side of a trade show booth sometimes in pairs because they are still small enough not to be overbearing.

Medium sized floor-standing retractable banners: Almost should be called 'medium large' they are too big for a small booth unless used as a backdrop, though they could be used as an economical way to create a backdrop for a small trade show event booth. Roughly 4 feet wide but there are more sizes available. The example I used above is 26 sq. feet in size, but there are some bigger and smaller in the 'medium' class.

Large sized floor-standing retractable trade show banners: Over 32 sq. feet! These are quite large at 5 feet wide! quite easily used as a backdrop for a small trade show booth or exhibit, especially if you already own a branded backdrop for your booth, but don't have graphics matching the product you are exhibiting and want to make a bold statement with that product.

Step and repeat trade show banners: Very powerful tool. the mechanism is designed to be resized to fulfill the current need. The size ranges from 13 to 64 sq. feet and will work great as a backdrop for most smaller trade show booths, but the possibilities are nearly as limitless as your ideas.

Custom vinyl banners: These can be made nearly any size for any purpose. In addition to rolled up banners, the printing hardware can print on solid materials up to 2 inches thick, so rest assured, almost any possible large format item can be covered with your brand. The sizes can be in the 100s of sq. feet. If you need BIG trade show banners custom made, this is the solution for you.

We at apg will work harder than anybody to help you get exactly what you need with the least effort and the least money. There will be many more pages with helpful information for you to do your own research on trade show banners, so keep us in your bookmarks and if you don't find what you need, ask. We will definitely take customer input seriously since helping them is our highest priority.