Outdoor Banners Have More Uses Than Meet The Eye
Exploring The Many Applications of Outdoor Banners

Exploring The Many Applications of Outdoor Banners

Custom Outdoor BannersThe most common denominator in all of the signage world are standard vinyl banners. Before the explosion of the trade show display industry, these banners held court as the signage type of choice, and they were used for all manners of applications. With the advancement in display technology over the past decade, these outdoor banners (typically made from vinyl, cloth, or a knit polyester fabric) have unfortunately and unnecessarily taken a back seat to newer displays. Here we take a quick look at various ways they might be used for any advertising campaign this summer.

1. Concert and Stage Banners The one area where standard outdoor banners still reign supreme is in the concert and stage arena. With warmer months come countless street fests, "Taste of City" gatherings, and of course outdoor musical performances. Savvy promoters will often help pay for the high audio-visual costs associated with these events by offering corporations sponsorship opportunities, and these corporations are typically compensated by advertising in the event space. Concert and stage banners are perfect for this application because, put simply, the stages are usually quite large, and the materials used for outdoor banners of this type are available on giant rolls that can accommodate nearly any size requirements. Thankfully some outdoor display providers have provided handy custom banner size calculators that can generate instant online quotes, taking the guesswork out of a potentially confusing process.

2. Fence Wraps Businesses and event promoters often overlook a very basic part of their landscaping when deciding how and where to place advertisements. A standard chain-link fence offers prime real estate for installation of outdoor banners and boasts an impressive impression rate. These signs can be printed on either a porous material that allows wind to pass-through, or for an even more cost-effective approach, wind slits can be cut into outdoor vinyl to help make them impervious to difficult weather.

3. Event Barriers Nearly every outdoor event utilizes barriers of some sort, typically for crowd separation or crowd control (for example creating a queue or providing separation between marathon runners and spectators). In the same manner as the previously mentioned fence wraps, these built-in event components tend to be overlooked as a perfect spot for outdoor banners. The section sizes of these barriers are usually ideally suited for banner sizes, and installation takes only a couple minutes per banner. Make your event barriers work double-duty and bring in money for the event! As you can see, outdoor banners have a myriad of uses, and they have the added benefit of being the most cost-effective type of display on the market.