Top 3 Ways To Save Money on Tradeshow Displays and Signage

Top 3 Ways To Save Money on Tradeshow Displays and Signage
October 1, 2011 | Author: APG Tradeshow Displays

Traditionally, Displays and Signage tend to be the most costly portion of setting up a company booth at a trade show. If you are currently making efforts to reduce costs for your next event, you'll need some tools and info on how to source the best pricing for all your various needs, and we're here to help!

I have found that most people tend to scour the internet for hours in search of the best pricing. BEWARE, as most websites are not comparing apples-to-apples. Most sites will show pricing for the display hardware only until checkout, where the consumer gets hit hard on the cost of graphics. Also, if you are using Google to search and you click on the "Shopping" tab, the prices shown next to the items tend to be deceiving! I did a search for a retractable banner stand and selected one that displayed a $91 price tag. As I went through the whole order process, I discovered that graphics graphics added an additional $198.00, and that particular company even charged for the stand pole ($13.00), as well as a PDF proof for your artwork ($10.00). This brought the total cost to over $300.00!!

So how do you compare and shop for the best prices?

#1 - Search carefully in the product descriptions for the phrases "graphics included" and/or "hardware only," which should be clearly and easily seen. I have found from extensive research that the sites that are "honest" with their descriptions usually end up having the best prices...probably because they have nothing to hide!

#2 -Look for descriptions that state the inclusion of anti-curl vinyl for their graphics, as many companies will only include standard vinyl in the base price. Anti-curl vinyl will last much longer than standard, plus it is affected less by the constant rolling and un-rolling that occurs during traveling, and it also stores better when not in use.

#3 - Make sure that the website used is SECURE. Sites that don't have a secure SSL certificate clearly placed on their site are not only dangerous, but they also have the tendency to be the kind that will try to rip you off by adding extra or hidden costs costs along the way and, sometimes, even after the purchase.

I hope this information saves you and your company money on your next event!