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2 Tips to Keep a Customer Perspective When Designing Your Trade Show Booth

When designing and planning your trade show booth, start by putting yourself in the customers’ shoes. 1. Know Your Audience - Make sure you know some of this basic demographic information to better tailor your trade show booth and trade show booth staff to gain the interest and trust of your target audience. You don’t want to incorporate tons of interactive... Read More . . .

Top 5 Things To Consider When Designing a Trade Show Display

Designing a trade show display or any large format signage can be a daunting task for those who are not designers by trade. You will face a handful of different challenges when working with the design, such as working with extremely large photos and making sure that all graphics are vector. I've listed here five things to consider when designing your trade show displays and graphics. One thing to note at the outset is that if the hiring of a graphic designer is not in your initial budget,… Read More . . .


5 Secrets to Making Feather Flags and Trade Show Banners

There is an art to creating feather flags and trade show banners. While these trade show displays can be rather small in comparison to the large trade show booths your company may be using, the display opportunities feather flags and trade show banners provide should not be considered without care. These trade show displays come in various shapes and sizes, which you can see on APG Trade Show Displays' website. APG has more than 10 different sections on the website to categorize all the types of… Read More . . .