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Telescopic Banner Stands by APG Exhibits

Flexible Banner Sizes Perfect for Standard and Non-Standard Applications Alike

When you travel to different trade shows that offer different spaces in which to display your promotional materials, you need versatile brand signage. That's why APG offers telescoping banner stands that adjust as you need. A Telescoping Banner Stand is a particular type of trade show banner display that makes use of adjustable poles to create varying graphic heights - and even varying widths on some models.

The advantages of telescopic banner stands are many:

  • The ability to create custom banner sizes for specific applications
  • Generally lower in cost than other banner stand types
  • Lightweight and easy to set-up/tear-down
  • Simplest to switch graphics out for end-user

Another huge benefit for some models is the ability to have both adjustable height and width, such as with the Pegasus and Pegasus Mini. Trade shows often offer different size spaces for displays. You can simply adjust your telescopic banner stand to fit within the space allotted, and it will look and perform as if it were customized for that specific space. With telescoping banner stands like these, you instantly have not just a regular trade show banner stand, but also a large media or photo backdrop, making them a versatile choice. These types of stands also have an advantage over retractable banner stands in that there is nothing mechanical (like a retracting mechanism), meaning upkeep is easier and chance of malfunction is lower.

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Price: $179.99 Hardware & Graphics
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Trade Show Displays: Pegasus Standard Indoor Banner Stand [Complete] Pegasus Standard Indoor Banner Stand [Complete]
List Price: $918.49 Complete
Price: $834.99 Hardware & Graphics
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